Creating Tech
to transform
the mobile experience

Mobile optimised customer and visitor experiences strive to increase engagement, yet many lack technology and content innovation, falling short of meeting audience and client expectations. Our experiences combine innovation in content delivery and mobile technology, to captivate and engage audiences in a unique way that increases loyalty.

The App

Progressive web and native apps drive the user interface.

The Website

Website seamlessly integrate content and functionality.

The Platform

Platform as a Service User Experience Engine includes integrated management systems.

Future Proof Technology

Fame Media Tech has a team of highly experienced developers and programmers with years of experience in UX and UI development. The platform as a service experience engine forms the central part of the technology solution with API gateways leading to a suite of proprietary technology applications created by both the team and integrated with third party platforms. This future proof technology approach keeps FMT agile to shifts in market trends and ensures the adoption of the latest technology developments in relatively short lead times.


Our Technology Solutions

Our experience technology solution consists of a user experience engine with seamless integration into websites, progressive apps and management reporting tools to drive user participation and interaction. The addition of proprietary technology enhancements creates bespoke solutions tailored to each project.


Whether you’re attending an exhibition or trade show, or visiting an attraction or sporting event, our base Platform as a Service Solution provides the core technology to drive interactions and build upon the base experience. The base platform experience engine includes integration into websites, progressive web and native apps and integrated management systems, with full tracking and reporting capabilities.


At the heart of the visitor experience engine is the integration layer which links to key external features such as progressive web and native apps. These features are a key component to enhancing the user experience to deliver tailored content at point of access. The rollout of 5G and Wifi 6 will improve connectivity to mobile devices allowing the introduction of more sophisticated content delivery technologies.


With mobile traffic supressing web traffic our web platforms are built for the future.  A web platform should enhance the user journey and experience and not create a barrier to content accessibility. Our developers and programmers have years of experience in UX and UI development creating compelling and engaging web platforms that add value to your overall experience.


The benefits of our scanning capability to trigger experience interactions include the distance to size scan ratio (7 times the distance of standard QR codes) with scan capability from up to 100 metres. Scanning is also capable from 160-degree angles and on moving objects and multimedia displays, including TV Screens.


With improved connectivity, the user experience can be enhanced using augmented and virtual reality technologies delivered through a mobile device. See things in new ways, have a conversation with something or bring to life an experience. Both AR and VR have the capability to take us beyond what we expect.


Using a range of proprietary technology add-ons, we can then customise the platform to meet the exact needs of the client, creating new and innovative features as required to deliver a completely bespoke solution. These platform add-ons can be delivered by a handful of third-party partners or developed by us directly.


The Platform as a Service Solution will include an integrated management system providing clients with full reporting functionality. Use the experience for location tracking, heat mapping and intelligent data analysis to deliver a more personalised experience.

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